Catholic Priest in Countryside Thailand: I Wish to See the Forest Again

Father P has been serving in a village in countryside Thailand where the majority of locals are Catholics. While endeavoring to enhance the social inclusiveness of Catholicism in predominantly Buddhist Thailand, Father is… Continue reading

Thai Curry In McDonald’s!

Thai McDonald’s just came out with the new menu to meet the very local taste – “McGrilled Chicken Curry Rice”. The price is only 59 baht (US$2). It certainly will draw a lot… Continue reading

Pop Star Becomes Monk in Thailand

  Young Thai actor and singer Pachara Chirathivat, nicknamed Peach (19 years old), stated that he would become a monk in the temple in May. Peach was the leading actor of the Thai… Continue reading

Self-Learn the Thai Alphabet (Consonants)

Even Thais will say that the Thai language is very difficult to learn. But if you are not a local and manage to do so, you will be a pleasant surprise to many and begin to… Continue reading

How to Get a Local Driver’s License in Thailand

The procedures and materials needed to apply for a driver’s license in Thailand (for either motorcycle or car): 1. Original copies of your passport and visa, and their photocopies. 2. “Proof of current… Continue reading

Chiang Khan – A Nostalgic Village in Thailand Under Rapid Changes

“Chiang Khan is a beautiful town in memory. In the eyes of tourists, Chiang Khan is a small, peaceful district adjacent to the Mekong River. It is an old town with old houses,… Continue reading

“i dun understand a thing, but this song is awesome!”

Kayssify 7 months ago “Awesome song ! I’m french and i’m falling in love with this band !” 6 likes prewlovelybigbang 4 months ago (translated) “This song is as well-known in Japan …… Continue reading

Transgender Actress in “Lost in Thailand”

The Chinese movie “Lost in Thailand” was one of the biggest hits in 2012. Originally a budget film, it has now recorded a box office of more than 200 million dollars and inspired… Continue reading

Withdraw Money from UnionPay ATMs in Thailand

UnionPay ATMs are nowadays common in Thailand. If you have a UnionPay card, withdrawing money in Thailand is a piece of cake! We used to bring large sums of cash when traveling abroad, which was unsafe as you… Continue reading