Monthly Archive: February, 2013

“i dun understand a thing, but this song is awesome!”

Kayssify 7 months ago “Awesome song ! I’m french and i’m falling in love with this band !” 6 likes prewlovelybigbang 4 months ago (translated) “This song is as well-known in Japan …… Continue reading

Transgender Actress in “Lost in Thailand”

The Chinese movie “Lost in Thailand” was one of the biggest hits in 2012. Originally a budget film, it has now recorded a box office of more than 200 million dollars and inspired… Continue reading

Withdraw Money from UnionPay ATMs in Thailand

UnionPay ATMs are nowadays common in Thailand. If you have a UnionPay card, withdrawing money in Thailand is a piece of cake! We used to bring large sums of cash when traveling abroad, which was unsafe as you… Continue reading