Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Thai Curry In McDonald’s!

Thai McDonald’s just came out with the new menu to meet the very local taste – “McGrilled Chicken Curry Rice”. The price is only 59 baht (US$2). It certainly will draw a lot… Continue reading

Pop Star Becomes Monk in Thailand

  Young Thai actor and singer Pachara Chirathivat, nicknamed Peach (19 years old), stated that he would become a monk in the temple in May. Peach was the leading actor of the Thai… Continue reading

Self-Learn the Thai Alphabet (Consonants)

Even Thais will say that the Thai language is very difficult to learn. But if you are not a local and manage to do so, you will be a pleasant surprise to many and begin to… Continue reading

How to Get a Local Driver’s License in Thailand

The procedures and materials needed to apply for a driver’s license in Thailand (for either motorcycle or car): 1. Original copies of your passport and visa, and their photocopies. 2. “Proof of current… Continue reading

Chiang Khan – A Nostalgic Village in Thailand Under Rapid Changes

“Chiang Khan is a beautiful town in memory. In the eyes of tourists, Chiang Khan is a small, peaceful district adjacent to the Mekong River. It is an old town with old houses,… Continue reading