How to Get a Local Driver’s License in Thailand

The procedures and materials needed to apply for a driver’s license in Thailand (for either motorcycle or car):

1. Original copies of your passport and visa, and their photocopies.

2. “Proof of current address” and its photocopy. Applicable on the 2/F of the building next to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (Open till 11am, Monday to Friday).

01_How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

Turn left when you see the Embassy gate. Enter the first alley. Look for the red building in the photo. It is on the second floor. (Photocopying services available down the alley.)

02 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

3. Medical Certificate. It can be obtained in many common hospitals. You can tell them that you need it for the application of the driver’s license. (Some hospitals don’t even check your heath before giving you the certificate…) The cost is about 100 to 200 baht. You need to complete the license application within a month after getting the certificate.

03 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand
4. Show your international driver’s license

You will need to attend a reaction test: you simply sit on a chair and watch a red light and a green light before you. You step on the break paddle when red light is on. After three times, you pass the test and can apply for the local license.

If you don’t have the international driver’s license:

1) Attend the above reaction test and basic medical check (180-degree viewing angle, color vision, hearing) Remember to get a waiting ticket because many people will be there for the test.

04 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

2) Spend 2 hours to learn the transportation knowledge, including the traffic signs. (Even if you drive really well, I still think this is essential).

05 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

3) Attend written test.

You need to answer 25 out of 30 questions correctly (The test is easy. You just need to remember the traffic signs in Thai language). (If you didn’t pass the test, you can have a makeup test one more time.) Afterwards, you can get the road test.

06 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand


07 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

Stop check (If necessary, you can prepare 100 baht changes on the car…).

08 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand
Give way.

09 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

Carry limit.

10 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

To refute a rumor about traffic in Thailand there is actually speed limit…

4) Car test. It is more of a car test than a road test, because you are not exactly driving on a road. The test is carried out in a 200-square-meter place. You drive in a straight line, use back gear, and do parallel parking, finish one round, park no more than 0.5m from sidewalk, and you pass the test! Get your license in the office building!

You can rent your motorcycle or car at the test center, which is about 100 baht for the test. The driver’s license doesn’t say whether it’s manual or automatic, so you can consider renting an automatic if you are afraid of a test flame-out. The available car models include: mini Honda jazz, Fit, City. It’s game-over if you flame out, because you can only get the test once per day.

About 700-800 baht for the address proof.
205 baht for the car license.
155 baht for the motorcycle license.
*The license is effective for a year (It’s a temporary license for the first time. You can apply for a 5-year license after the first year. Or you can apply for the international driver’s license after the first year).

Telephone number: 022723615,022723100.
Address: Department of Land Transport.
Take BTS to N8 MO CHIT.
Take Metro to CHATUCHAK.
The office is opposite to the JJ (CHATUCHAK) Market.

12 How to Get Driver's License in Thailand

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