Pop Star Becomes Monk in Thailand

Pachara Chirathivat Peach Peach Chirathivat, Billionaire

Young Thai actor and singer Pachara Chirathivat, nicknamed Peach (19 years old), stated that he would become a monk in the temple in May. Peach was the leading actor of the Thai film “The Billionaire”, based on the true story of Itthipat Kulapongvanich who became rich through Tao Kae Noi fried seaweed business. Peach has thus become a famous movie and music star in Thailand as well.


Bie Sukrit Ordained Pong Nawat Enters Monkhood

Many Thai stars have decided to be monks during the peak of their popularity, including Bie Sukrit, Pong Nawat and Tae Sattawat Sethakorn.


Tae Sattawat SettakornTae Monk Thailand

According to Thai customs, young male adults should attend monastery for a period of 15 days to several months as a ritual of passage. In 2009, the super star Tae was a monk for 15 days and his life at the temple was widely reported afterwards. His mother just had a second surgery after cervical cancer and his father also had a car accident. Tae decided to bid for good fortune for his families. Since monks have a high social status in Thailand, Tae’s parents kneeled down to pray when they visited him in the temple.


Tae Monk Thailand 2


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