Thai Curry In McDonald’s!

Thai McDonald’s just came out with the new menu to meet the very local taste – “McGrilled Chicken Curry Rice”. The price is only 59 baht (US$2). It certainly will draw a lot of customers in this rice country, especially with the famous Thai curry sauce.

thai curry menu

A lot of Thai TV stars like curry too and they are great publicity figures for the national food. The 24-year-old star Perachaya PinMuengngam is a big fan of Thai curry, for example.

Perachaya PinMuengngam Curry

What’s so special about Thai curry, as compared to Indian or Japanese curry and so on?

A bit about the background of curry first. It was first used as ingredients in Southeast Asia until the Europeans took the spices to other parts of the world. The word came from “Kulry” and “Kari”, from the Indian Tamil word, referring to the mixture of vegetables and meat that is served with rice. However, the Indian locals rarely use the word “curry” in their menu, simply because the cuisine is far more differentiated than that! The Indian menu would instead have “masala” or “dahl” and so on. The Indian curry adopt spices such as cloves, cumin, coriander, and pepper.

Thai curry includes green curry, yellow curry, and red curry. It is not just about the color, of course. Most of them use lemongrass, fish sauce, bay leaves as well as coconut. Green curry is of green color, because it uses a lot of coriander and lime peel. Red curry is the most spicy kind and often the favourite among the locals. No wonder McGrill Curry Chicken uses red curry this time!

thai curry shrimp

Thai Red Curry Shrimp


Common Thai Curry Spices

thailand spice market

Spice Market in Thailand